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People who are undergoing gender transition often give at least some thought to making their handwriting either more feminine or more masculine.  Here is some information that I have found while researching how I might make my handwriting appear more feminine.

A good place to start with this is on Transsexual Road Map.  This site contains many useful resources for someone undergoing transition.  Included is a section on handwriting, which contains a good discussion about handwriting as it relates to gender.  The handwriting section there also includes some very good examples of feminine, masculine, and androgynous handwriting styles.

Links that aren't related to gender transition:

Here's a discussion about some things you can look at if you're trying to improve your handwriting. Included are grip of the pen, posture, the muscles that you use, and some exercises to get going.

A history of American handwriting.  This article puts some of the various handwriting styles into historical context.

This site contains some practical and inexpensive ideas for how to teach handwriting.  These ideas include laminating handwriting charts and using dry erase markers for practice.

Handwriting Styles - How Letters are Formed
Various lessons and tips on handwriting.  Included are the various formal handwriting styles, holding the pen, and posture.  There's a link on this site with charts for several handwriting styles.

Better Letters
You knew it had to be coming at some point...yes...there's an app for that!  'Nuff said.

Make your own paper for practicing
Generate a PDF that will have those nifty lines for practicing handwriting.  Now you can make your own practice paper (I assume this would be cheaper than buying it pre-made).

A resource for educators that incorporates their own style.  Included are charts indicating how to draw the letters.  It seems like this program may be controversial, so maybe proceed with caution?

A brick and mortar clinic which primarily works with children who are struggling with handwriting.  They also offer training sessions and workshops for adults.  I wonder if they have any expertise in feminine/masculine handwriting, and if they would be interested in working with transgender clients.

Various Handwriting Styles as Fonts
Offers font packages for teachers.  The fonts are based on the different formal handwriting styles.  The main page shows the fonts that they offer, so it's another place you can compare the various styles.
This appears to be a Christian store that sells some general educational materials.  The link above (at least currently) displays charts for quite a few different handwriting styles.  This would be a good place to go to compare what the letters look like for the various formal approaches.